College Counseling

Quarry Lane School provides the perfect resources to ensure your acceptance into a top-tier college... My dreams of being accepted to top U.C. schools came true, as I received admission into all of them and even a Regent's Scholarship to U.C. Berkeley. I had never imagined that I would even receive admission to Ivy League institutions or other elite schools. However, my teachers and counselors believed in me and helped me receive acceptances into several Ivy League and Ivy Plus schools."

Yuvraj Mahadeshwar, Quarry Lane Alumnus '17, attending Dartmouth College

Helping Students Realize Their College Dreams

At The Quarry Lane Upper School, our experienced College Counselors provide a comprehensive College Counseling Program and work with all students at each grade level to assist them in their goal of making informed and reasonable decisions regarding their individual college path. The Quarry Lane College Counseling Program provides highly individualized support and guidance throughout all four years of high school, and we are intentional about getting to know our students as individuals starting as early as Eighth Grade. Quarry Lane sees the college application process as an important moment to hone students’ skills in responsibility, initiative, active listening, self-reflection, decision-making, writing and communication.

Our College Counselors work hard to develop strong relationships with college admissions officers across the country. Each year, we welcome more than 75 college admission representatives to our campus to meet with our students. Additionally, our college counselors are dedicated to staying up-to-date on the latest information and strategies in regard to college admissions by fostering relationships with institutions of higher learning. At Quarry Lane, college counseling is about more than securing students' admission but empowering students for lifelong success through personal, social, and intellectual growth.

Each of the Quarry Lane College Counselors works with the same group of students throughout all four years of their high school careers. With this model, our College Counselors have the opportunity to know their students very well as individuals which supports extra-curricular guidance, academic course selection, the college selection and application process, and the ability to write highly personalized letters of recommendation.

All 9th through 12th grade students are encouraged to meet with their College Counselor to ask questions and seek help at any time. Quarry Lane College Counselors are always easily accessible by email, phone, and by appointment. Students may also drop in to see their counselor at any time.

With a 100% acceptance rate, Quarry Lane is proud to represent a diverse list of top ranked university acceptances year over year, which includes many of the nation's top universities.