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College Preparation and Beyond

Quarry Lane's high school program offers students a world-class, challenging and inspiring academic experience that truly prepares our students for success in their college years and beyond. Our academically rigorous curriculum is balanced by our small class sizes and the support of an expert team of faculty and administration who are dedicated to the success of each Quarry Lane student.

I would say that Quarry Lane has given me an organizational system, a writing system and a study system that is going to help me succeed in college and be the best student that I can be”
Ben Drake, Quarry Lane Alumni '17


At Quarry Lane, students are immersed in an intellectual and creative community where students engage in a higher level of thinking and take an active role in their education. What sets our high school program apart are several key factors:

  • Quarry Lane is proud to offer the prestigious International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme, a program renowned for its academic rigor and global perspective. The IB Diploma Programme is lauded as one of the finest college preparatory program a student can take.
  • A comprehensive and collaborative college counseling experience truly guides and supports our students through the college application process and enables our students to achieve their college dreams.
  • Our cutting-edge resources, college-level work and learning opportunities are all designed to optimize our student's learning experiences and allow for deeper and meaningful level of learning.
  • All of our faculty members are highly qualified, most with advanced degrees and real world experience in their areas of expertise. Our excellent staff to student ratio ensures that each student receives the attention and support that they need to thrive.


At Quarry Lane, we take strides to nurture the intellectual talents and interests of each student, empowering them to reach their fullest potential. The result is an unparalleled high school experience and a deeply meaningful education that lasts a lifetime.



As Educators, we imagine that often you do not know or hear about what happens to the students you invested in after they graduate from high school. We are assuming that there could be little praise or appreciation that comes back to Educators once a student leaves QLS.
In this case, we wanted to circle-back to give you and others at QLS high praise for all that you gave to our son (education, time, support) as the foundation behind his success at QLS, this past summer, and in his life ahead to come. Directly ahead, he has his own future at Cal to begin in about a week from now. He is well-positioned for that opportunity because of all that QLS has given him. As his parents, we are especially grateful to you for all that you have given our son and we know that he is also very grateful."

The Drake Family - Upper School Parent

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