Summer Academy 2024 Registration Form 


To help us expedite the registration process, it is important to ensure that only one (1) record for each family exists in our system. if your child or his/her sibling has attended The Quarry Lane School (Summer Academy or Jr.K-12 program), please indicate so in the questions below.

Is this your first time creating an account with Quarry Lane School?required
NOTE: If you have created an account for the student you are registering OR a sibling of the student at any time (previous Quarry Lane School or summer academy enrollment), please select "No". ​
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Has your student enrolled in Quarry Lane School or Quarry Lane Summer Academy in the past?required
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Summer Academy Course Registration

The following Summer Academy classes are offered Monday through Friday. Please refer to the Course Listing page for the designated time for the course selected. Each subject listed below is offered to various grade levels. Please note the start and stop times for each course, as well as the session length (3 weeks or 6 weeks). Please ensure you meet the prerequisites and grade level for each course on the the Course Listing page prior to enrollment. Note that students should be entering the grade levels listed for the 2024-2025 academic year (i.e. a current 8th grade student is a rising 9th grader and is eligible for a 9th grade course).

IMPORTANT: Please do not sign up for a morning and afternoon session of the SAME subject. 


Summer Academy 6-Week Sessions 

Morning Sessionsrequired
Afternoon Sessions required

Summer Academy 3-Week Sessions 

IMPORTANT: If you are registering for a 3-week session, please ensure you are signing up for the correct session dates.
*Note: some enrichment programs are offered during one session only. 
3-Week Morning Sessionsrequired
3-Week Afternoon Sessionsrequired


Required Forms/Transcripts

For students who are not currently attending Quarry Lane, a copy of the student's most current report card/transcripts is required to finalize registration. 

For current Quarry Lane studentsa completed Summer Course Approval Form is required for any current Quarry Lane student registering for a Summer Academy math or science course. Once the approval form is completed and signed by a parent, it must be submitted to the Registrar's Office for approval. The signed approval form must be uploaded in the field below in order to register for a math or science course.

Attach up to 1 file with a maximum size of 10MB
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Upload a completed Summer Course Approval form or your student's transcript (unofficial copy is ok).



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Part 2: 2024 Summer Academy Agreement 

This is a binding contract for The Quarry Lane School. Please read before signing. 

This agreement is made by and between

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(hereinafter “Parent(s)” and The Quarry Lane School, (hereinafter referred to as “School”). 


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Your name(s) constitutes an acceptance of The School’s Summer Academy Agreement as set forth above.
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