Frequently Asked Questions

I want to apply for the ESL Summer Camp– What should I do, now?

Please register through the website.

What is the visa process?

Students may attend the program using a visitor visa B1-B2.

How should I go about getting health insurance?

The students have to purchase a basic coverage health insurance plan prior to arrival. is one of the insurance companies the parents might consider. The parents are free to choose their own company.

I have a family friend/relative who lives close to the school. Can I live with them?

Yes, as long as we receive an authorization letter which confirms adult supervision at home from the student’s parents.

Do you offer ESL program?

Yes, as part of our program we offer ESL classes. The program offers 3 hours of comprehensive English studies per day, designed to develop the following skills: English Conversation; Reading & Vocabulary; Pronunciation & Listening. Project sessions will accompany ESL classes twice a week to enable students to apply their learned skills into real life situations through different in class activities.

What is the grade range in order to join ESC?

Ages 11 through 15.

Does my child need some kind of health report?


How much spending money do you recommend each student to bring?

$75 - $100 a week.

Do students need to take a TOEFL test to be accepted into ESC?

No. We accept all levels of English proficiency.