Middle School Student Life

At Quarry Lane, education goes beyond the classroom experience. We provide our middle school students with ample opportunities outside of the classroom that promote our students' social and emotional learning during this important stage of development. These opportunities also allow our students to discover their passions and strengths while forging connections with one another. We believe in fostering an atmosphere that celebrates individuality, diversity, and respect for others, and also embraces our core philosophy that "I can make a difference". So, whether it's an after-school club, event, or travel experience, we strive to help our students develop positive connections with their community, their peers, and themselves.

Finding Balance: Middle School Bell Schedule

Our Upper School bell schedules are carefully crafted to provide a balanced school week and enhance the learning experience for students. Highlights of our middle school schedule includes built in time for important social and emotional activities, including club time, Grade Level Advisory meetings, assemblies, social time, and study hall.

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Middle School GLA (Grade Level Advisory)

The GLA is an opportunity once a week for the full grade level to join together with their grade level advisors to work through a Social and Emotional Learning curriculum that starts with a student delivered morning message. The GLA is also used to address and work through grade level specific topics and issues.

Our middle school schedule has built in time dedicated to the social and emotional well-being of our students. Throughout the week, this time is used for Grade Level Advisory (GLA) period, club meetings, middle school “house cup challenges”, academic prep, or assemblies/pep rallies. In addition, social time is also built into our middle and high school schedules to support our students’ need for connecting with their peers and just having unstructured “down” time.

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