STEM Academy

Building 21st Century Skills 

 The Quarry Lane STEM Academy, open to children  ages 3.5-5 years old, teaches a STEM-focused curriculum in the four specific disciplines of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics, with a thoughtful, interdisciplinary approach to create a cohesive learning experience.

As students build important 21st century skills, concepts in reading, writing, and art are incorporated into the curriculum to create a unique, holistic program where children are challenged with relevant, engaging lessons.

The goal of the STEM Academy is to provide an authentic, project-based program that introduces and empowers students with the essential skills  and concepts that are critical for future success. 



Our STEM Labs are created as experiential learning spaces where imagination comes alive, ideas can soar, and students are empowered to discover the wonders of STEM.

STEM Education at Quarry Lane 

All students in our STEM Academy programs have access to the STEM Lab at each campus. Our STEM Labs are created as learning laboratories where imagination comes alive and experiential learning thrives. The labs are designed to create an engaging work space where children can explore, investigate, take risks, imagine, and innovate. The STEM Labs are equipped with state-of-the-art, age-appropriate tools and equipment to ignite our students’ natural curiosity and teach students how to effectively use the tools to support their learning. The STEM Labs provide a dedicated space where ideas can soar and students are excited and empowered to discover the wonders of STEM.