Preschool Tuition

The Quarry Lane Preschool offers a wide range of program options to meet the needs of families. To learn more about our programs and tuition, please contact our preschool campuses. The program offers both 3 and 5 Day Schedules Available (a three day schedule is a portion of the five day program).

Quarry Lane Preschool - Pleasanton East Campus- (925) 846-9400
Young Preschool through Grade 1
3750 Boulder St., Pleasanton

Quarry Lane Preschool - Pleasanton West Campus- (925) 462-6300
Young Preschool (starting at age 18 months) through Preschool
4444B Black Ave., Pleasanton

Quarry Lane Preschool - Dublin West Campus- (925) 466-3100
Young Preschool through Grade 1
5600 Scarlett Dr., Dublin