Our preschool curriculum is carefully designed to span the course of twelve months and provide a balanced year of academic, social and emotional growth for our students. Our expert faculty and staff combine a variety of teaching approaches, curriculum programs, and specialty classes that are matched to each developmental stage in order to ignite a student's curiosity and natural love for learning.

Preschool Curriculum and Developmental Goals

Specialty Classes

In addition to our academic curriculum, we offer a variety of specialty classes designed to enrich our student's creative, social and emotional development. Specialty classes are embedded into daily class schedules and students attend specialty classes throughout the week.


Spanish language instruction is introduced at age 2 and continues through the preschool years to help prepare for the transition into our elementary program. Spanish lessons include vocabulary: colors, counting, animals, food and body parts; as well as greetings and sentence building. Spanish is taught with puppets, songs, flashcards and musical instruments.

Library Time

Quarry Lane adopted the Kimochis® Early Childhood Curriculum, a social-emotional learning and character education program, to enhance our student's social and emotional developmental skills. Kimochi (key-mo-chee) means “feeling" in Japanese. Children will learn how to recognize and manage emotions; demonstrate caring and concern for others; establish positive relationships; make responsible decisions; and handle challenging situations constructively. Kimochis is incorporated into our students' library visits.


We believe that music is one of the best vehicles for learning in early childhood development. Our music program takes musical learning to the next level and helps support students' brain development. Our music curriculum is implemented weekly and is focused on social, emotional, early language and motor skill development for young children.

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