We believe that a strong middle school curriculum lays a vital foundation for the academic challenges of high school. As a student’s maturity and talent evolve, we evaluate and determine the course placement that will best challenge and inspire each student to achieve academic excellence. Together, teachers, students, and parents design a proper course of study to fit the students' needs and ensure that students can thrive and succeed in their chosen high school academic track.


Core curriculum includes mathematics, language arts, science, social studies, leadership and world languages. Elective subjects include music, visual arts, speech and debate, computer science, engineering and design, dance, theater arts, physical education and more.* Please note, elective options are subject to change from year to year. 


Students in our middle school program are active participants in their learning through independent inquiry as well as teamwork. Our dedicated and talented faculty members foster clear, thoughtful communication between home and school, forming a partnership that values parental participation and educational excellence.

Middle School Curriculum

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