Middle School

Building Confidence and Character

At Quarry Lane, we recognize the distinct significance of a student's middle school years. Middle school is a time of rapid transition, growth and development for students - socially, emotionally and academically. With that in mind, our middle school program is designed to provide the tools and support that students need to grow and thrive as self-confident, independent learners.

Thank you for consistently creating a meaningful and effective learning environment. Our whole family is growing because our son has the opportunity to attend QLS. Thank you for the devoted expertise. It makes a lasting difference."

The Koth Family - Middle School Parent

The Quarry Lane Middle School offers education for students in grades six, seven and eight. The combination of academic rigor and variety of extracurricular activities encourages students to establish positive values for learning and life. Strong study habits are fostered to build and enhance the skills necessary for our rigorous, college preparatory high school program.

Student life at The Quarry Lane Middle School includes opportunities for growth and development beyond the classroom where students can forge important social connections with each other. All middle school students participate in leadership class, which helps develop character and maturity. Students may participate in field trips to Catalina Island, Washington D.C., Philadelphia, New York City and Boston. Local trips in the San Francisco Bay Area are also offered to enrich students' educational experience. Social events, geared specifically for our middle school students, are also offered throughout the year.

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Quarry Lane School has become a part of our extended family. Through the school's leadership program and community work, our children learned to serve the poor, powerless and those in need, inside our larger community. Through their challenging learning environment, our children got a solid academic background, developed their personal skills and interests, they discovered their limitations and attempted to overcome them through perseverance and hard work. There is no doubt in our mind that Quarry Lane School helped them to build the confidence they need to participate and succeed in our globally growing world!”

The Arnaout Family - Middle School Family