Summer Reading and Math

Summer Reading Lists:

Lower School Summer Reading List (Grades JK-5)

Upper School Summer Reading List (Grades 6-8)

Upper School Summer Reading List (Grade 9-12)

As the student body of Quarry Lane School typically reads at advanced grade levels, you will see a wide range of reading levels offered for each grade. We encourage you to carefully select a book that you feel is also appropriate for your child's maturity level. Below is a link for parents to review books, as well as browse topics to discuss with your student:

Common Sense Media

*Please Note: Summer Reading Lists are from Summer 2020. Summer 2021 Reading Lists will be posted soon.

Summer Math Packets*:

Lower School Summer Math Packets (Entering Grades K-5)

Entering Grade 6

Entering Grade 7

Entering Algebra 1

Entering Algebra 2

Entering Geometry

Entering PreCalculus

*Please Note: Summer Math Packets are from Summer 2020. Summer 2021 Math Packets will be posted soon.