Lower School

Building Lifelong Learners

Welcome to our Lower School! Quarry Lane offers a well-rounded, challenging, and inspiring curriculum in our Lower School program, serving students in Junior Kindergarten through fifth grade. We believe that the Lower School years are significant in building a foundation that provides students with the confidence, character and knowledge to help them reach their fullest potential.

Quarry Lane is a small family with every member trying to become their best. All of the children are connected. You know your child is becoming their best and everyone is there to cheer them on and support them. The teachers and directors are their second moms and dads. They want what is best for them just like I do."

-Tam Chiang, Preschool and Lower School Parent

We are proud to offer an academically rigorous curriculum with a focus on promoting contextual learning, analytical reasoning and critical thinking skills through hands-on, real world experiences. What sets our Lower School program apart from any other are several key, distinguishing factors:

  • Small class sizes that allow for more individualized attention, differentiated learning approaches in classrooms and an overall deeper level of learning
  • A subject specialization model that elevates the level of learning in each subject and ensures that our faculty is truly passionate about and are experts in the subjects they teach.
  • An engineering and technology curriculum that builds a foundation of engineering concepts that can carry through to our Upper School engineering program. as well as foster important soft skills including collaboration and communication.
  • A robust and comprehensive arts program that inspires creativity and a deep appreciation of visual art and music through a wide range of mediums.
  • A true focus on real-world, hands-on, experiential learning that fosters important skills such as communication, critical thinking, creativity, and teamwork, while allowing for deeper academic retention.

Our Lower School is dedicated to providing an inspiring, supportive academic experience that allows each student to discover his or her passions, strength and potential.

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