1. I want to apply for the Quarry Lane International Academy. – What should I do, now?

Please submit ONLINE application along with the required documents as soon as possible.

2. What is your application deadline? Do you accept students for Spring Semester?

QLS has an open enrollment system. We are admitting throughout the year according to the class availability. We do accept students to Spring Semester. Student who joins later than February might be auditing only.

3. What is the grade range to apply to the Quarry Lane International Academy?

We accept international students from grade JK to grade 10. Sophomore (10th grade) applicants need to have their transcripts evaluated by credential services, have a TOEFL score of 65+ and follow certain QLS graduation requirements when necessary. For detailed information contact to International Academy.

4. How do you decide students’ grade level placement?

Transcripts and teacher recommendations along with a TOEFL score are the essential parts of grade level placement. Upon enrollment in the school additional placement testing will be required.

5. Do I need to take a TOEFL test to be accepted into the Quarry Lane International Academy?

Yes, for certain grades. Please go to our online application portal for more details. Upon acceptance to the International Academy, students are still assessed for their English proficiency. They are placed in beginner, intermediate or advanced level English courses. Students at the intermediate level take intensive instruction in English for half of the school day and regular academic subjects the rest of the day. Only advanced students (students with a TOEFL score of 85 or higher) may be permitted to enroll in a full load of regular courses.

6. Do you offer ESL program?

Yes. The Quarry Lane International Academy offers an English as a Second Language (ESL) program to provide students with a solid foundation in English writing, speaking and literature.

7. Does the Quarry Lane School have boarding?

No. International students stay with host families. Parents/guardians are responsible for arranging accommodation for their students.

8. I have a family friend/relative who lives close to the school. Can I live with them?

Yes, as long as we receive an authorization letter which confirms an adult supervision at home from the student’s parents. For further questions, please contact International Academy.

9. Do I need a guardian?

Yes. All international students MUST have a legal guardian who is either a US Citizen or Permanent Resident. Guardians must provide up-to-date contact information and inform the school if and when, guardianship is discontinued. If guardianship changes, parents are responsible for notifying the school, and must fill out a form that must be signed, notarized, and mailed to Quarry Lane School.

10. What is the visa process?

The Quarry Lane School is authorized under Federal Law to enroll nonimmigrant students. The Quarry Lane School can issue the necessary documents to apply for a student F1-Visa. Please visit 'Apply for a Student Visa' for further information.

11. What if I already have a valid I-20 & F-1?

An international student with a F-1 visa from another US School is referred as a “TRANSFER” student. Fees are the same. The student must finish all documents and submit fees before the previous school is asked to transfer the I-20 to the Quarry Lane School.

12. Do I need a Health Insurance? How should I go about getting health insurance?

Yes. All the international students HAVE TO obtain an international student health insurance. The students have to purchase a basic coverage health insurance plan prior to arrival. The parents are free to choose their own company.

13. Do I need some kind of health report?

Yes. The students have to submit the health examination report document before their arrival to the Quarry Lane School. Please download it from online application portal or contact International Academy to request one.

14. What are international students’ requirements to maintain enrollment?

To maintain enrollment once a student starts school, all students must be living with an adult at all times, must maintain a minimum GPA of 2.75 and must adhere to all school policies, including attendance and behavior rules. Please refer to the Parent-Student Handbook for all school rules.

15. How can we see our student’s Homework, Tests and Grades?

QLS has a program called "Plus Portals" available to parents and guardians to monitor their student’s academic progress. Plus Portals can be accessed on-line to see student’s grades and email teachers.