Apply for a Student Visa


Make an appointment for a visa interview with the nearest US embassy or consulate. (Some have different processes. Please check with the US embassy or consulate.)

Complete the visa application form and pay the fee, as specified by the consulate/embassy. All of this information is available from the consulate/embassy.

Bring (or submit)

  • A valid I-20 AB (provided upon receipt of enrollment contract and deposit)
  • Your letter of acceptance
  • Your SEVIS letter
  • A valid passport and an additional passport photo
  • Evidence of residence abroad and support for your intention to return home after completing studies: business ownership or inheritance, property ownership or inheritance, family living in your home country, savings, and family employment)

The applicant should be ready to answer brief questions, in English about any of the above items, and general information about The Quarry Lane School (location, etc.)

Note: Your plans after completing education in the United States must be to return to your country.