College Counseling

Quarry Lane School provides the perfect resources to ensure your acceptance into a top-tier college... My dreams of being accepted to top U.C. schools came true, as I received admission into all of them and even a Regent's Scholarship to U.C. Berkeley. I had never imagined that I would even receive admission to Ivy League institutions or other elite schools. However, my teachers and counselors believed in me and helped me receive acceptances into several Ivy League and Ivy Plus schools."

Yuvraj Mahadeshwar, Quarry Lane Alumnus '17, attending Dartmouth College

Helping Students Realize Their College Dreams

At the Quarry Lane School, college counselors assist students in their goal of making informed and reasonable decisions regarding their college career. The Quarry Lane college counseling process provides individualized support throughout all four years of high school. Students are assigned to an academic college counselor in their freshman and sophomore year, and then meet with college counselors beginning in the second semester of their junior year. While one of the more obvious goals in college guidance is for students to select colleges/universities of interest, apply to them, and secure their admission, Quarry Lane sees the college application process as an important moment to hone students’ skills in self-reflection, decision-making, and communication. In both class seminars and one-on-one meetings, students are encouraged to develop self-advocacy and metacognition, understanding how they learn and prosper in an educational environment. Through this self-reflection and self-awareness, students are able to take ownership of their college search and explore universities that will best serve them.

Our college counselors work hard to develop strong relationships with college admissions teams across the country. Each year, we welcome nearly 60-80 college admission representatives to our campus to meet with junior and senior students. Additionally, our college counselors are dedicated to staying up to date on the latest information and strategies regarding college admissions by fostering relationships with institutions of higher learning. At Quarry Lane, college counseling is about more than securing students' admission but empowering students for lifelong success through personal, social, and intellectual growth.

What to Expect as a Freshman

Freshman students are assigned to the Academic College Counselor. The focus of freshman year is to ensure a successful transition into the academic rigor and rhythm of high school classes. As a class, freshman meet monthly with their academic college counselor in Freshman Foundations, a seminar in which they gain an understanding of their values, learning styles, communication preferences, and team/leadership skills. Students are encouraged to explore areas beyond academia, such as co-curriculars, leadership, service, and/or sports, giving preference to the quality of their involvement over the quantity of activities.

What to Expect as a Sophomore

Sophomore students are assigned to the Academic College Counselor. The focus during sophomore year is on developing students’ interests for deeper exploration into potential career paths and/or subject areas. Students meet in a bi-monthly seminar in which they are able to extend their understanding of the college process, the opportunities for success at Quarry Lane in their chosen area of interest, and consider college and career possibilities.

What to Expect as a Junior

College counseling begins this year. Finding perspective and achieving a healthy balance is the key to a successful junior year. This is both an exciting and important time in the life of a high school student. During the spring semester, the students work closely with the college counselors in both the weekly Spring Leadership Class and one-on-one settings. College counselors work with students to explain that college admissions should be considered a process involving self-exploration, research, selection, application and final decision making. They receive individualized help with research and essay writing to ensure that their college search is substantive and productive. Over the summer, counseling continues; students respond to feedback on their application essays and, perhaps, visit prospective colleges.

What to Expect as a Senior

As freshmen learn to navigate their way around the Quarry Lane, seniors must begin the process of transitioning out of Quarry Lane. Generally, this begins with college applications early in the fall semester of senior year. Key skills in the successful navigation of the college application process are decision making and personal responsibility. The role of the college counselor at Quarry Lane is to assist seniors in making the application process more efficient and effective through a weekly seminar class and one-on-one meetings. Students benefit from the work that they have done during their junior year as they finish their essays, finalize their list of prospective colleges, and file their applications. By winter break, the majority of our students have many of their applications completed and await college admission decisions.

Beyond college applications, we encourage our seniors to enjoy the company of one another and continue to pursue their interests both in and out of the classroom. Maintaining balance in a senior’s life is difficult but absolutely worth the effort on a daily basis. Through individual meetings, class room presentations, as well as day and evening programs, our college counselors will help each student navigate the college admissions process and prepare for a successful transition from Quarry Lane to higher education where they will continue their journey of lifelong learning.