Fostering teamwork, sportsmanship, integrity, athletic skill and responsibility are hallmarks of the Cougar Athletic program.

Quarry Lane School Athletics
The Quarry Lane School recognizes the importance of athletics as an integral component of a student’s complete educational development and we encourage our students to participate in some form of interscholastic athletics during the course of their Upper School experience.

All participants and teams will represent the school and community in a positive manner and will reflect the dedication and hard work that will be required to compete and be successful. Success will not be measured by records that are achieved by teams or individuals, but rather by the knowledge that each participant gave his/her best effort and prepared for each contest to the best of his/her ability. Quarry Lane School realizes and understands that an effective interscholastic athletic program is the product of responsible cooperation between its four major components: the Student-Athlete, the parents, the coaching staff, and the administration.

The Quarry Lane School Athletic Program, open to all interested students, has as its goal to develop and refine individual athletic skills, to teach and reinforce the concepts of teamwork and to strive to achieve a better understanding of the sport. It is vital that all team members exhibit good sportsmanship, cooperation and a true understanding of individual differences at all times. Although we strive to win the true goal is learning and playing together.

Upper School Sports Teams at QLS

The Quarry Lane athletics program has three seasons: Fall (August through October), Winter (November through February) and Spring (March through May). The following is a list of the sports programs/teams offered in our Upper School athletics program for the current year. Please note, these teams are subject to change based on student interest and availability.

FALL 2019:

  • High School Girls' Volleyball
  • High School Cross Country
  • Girls Tennis
  • Middle School Girls Volleyball
  • Middle School Cross Country
  • Middle School Boys Soccer

WINTER 2019-2020:

  • High School Boys Basketball
  • High School Girls Basketball
  • Middle School Boys Basketball
  • Middle School Girls Basketball

SPRING 2020:

  • High School Boys Volleyball
  • High School Co-ed Badminton
  • High School Co-Ed Track
  • High School Girls Soccer
  • Middle School Boys Volleyball
  • Middle School Co-ed Badminton
  • Middle School Co-ed Track

Quarry Lane Athletic Program Objectives

The main objectives of The Quarry Lane School athletics program are:

  • To develop and enhance, in every student, sportsmanship, collaborative skills to be utilized in a group setting, courtesy, and self-control.
  • To help students develop agility, overall physical coordination, general physical fitness, as well as an appreciation for physical activity.
  • To foster school spirit, maintain positive community morale, and further develop loyalty to the Quarry Lane School.
  • To develop concepts of goal attainment through hard work and rigorous self-discipline.
  • To provide the Quarry Lane community with the opportunity to view competition and to participate as spectators.
  • To provide as many sustainable athletic activities as possible.
Jennifer Huynh

Jennifer Huynh

Titles: Middle School Athletics Coordinator
Agustin Valdez

Agustin Valdez

Titles: Athletic Director