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STEM Lab at the QLS Art Stroll
STEM Lab at the QLS Art Stroll

Quarry Lane is proud to share the success of a new event held at this year's Art Stroll called the 'STEM Lab', designed to introduce elementary school students to STEM through unique, hands-on activities.

Students explored 6 different types of activities: robot driving, marshmallow house building, a tallest tower competition, rocket launching, workshop tours (including a demonstration of the laser cutter), and a liquid nitrogen demonstration.

The most popular activity was the liquid nitrogen demonstration, where students froze flower petals in liquid nitrogen and watching them shatter. Parents and children alike enjoyed

breaking the petals in their hands like crackers. Some of the kids asked for souvenirs, so custom cardboard cutouts were made for each kid with the laser cutter that also featured any picture they liked. By the time the event was over, many kids left reluctantly and expressed a large desire to become "high schoolers" because of all of the cool things they get to do!

The entire event was organized and staffed by 3 of our high school juniors, Bora, Lori, and Taylor, under the guidance of Dr. Rogosic and Dr. Liddell. The high school students found it fun and highly gratifying to watch the kids smile and enjoy the activities they organizing. Hopefully we'll be offering the STEM lab again at next year's Art Stroll, as one of the organizing students noted, "This event amazing for both us and the kids, and we'd happily do it again!"

Having created a marshmallow house, a student tests its structural integrity on a Jell-O pad.

Students look on in amazement as a rubber band has lost all of elasticity, while a high schooler explains how it's due to the rubber being below its glass transition temperature.