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Exciting Season Ahead for Quarry Lane Robotics
Exciting Season Ahead for Quarry Lane Robotics

As our Upper School robotics teams gear up for an exciting season ahead, learn more about exciting updates and activities from the program from Co-Department Head, Dr. John Rogosic.

Quarry Lane Robotics had an exciting season last year, having qualified to compete in both the FIRST and VEX world championships at the middle and high school level. The students are really excited for this year's season and have already begun working towards making it to the championships again. The school's robotics program has undergone some exciting changes, with the high school team beginning the FIRST Robotics Competition (FRC), and the middle school stepping up their level as well by switching over from VEX Robotics to FIRST Tech Challenge (FTC). We believe the FIRST program is a better fit and is at a higher level than VEX competitions, and places much more emphasis on developing students as successful professionals with more focus placed on teamwork, collaboration, and service.

Students have been headed all over the Bay Area for robotics training this season. In early September, five of our instructors and seven of our students attended an FRC networking and training day at Santa Clara University, where they met with other veteran teams and shared tips and experiences. Two weeks ago, three of our veteran students attended a training event in San Jose where they taught Java to new FTC teams. Their course was in such high demand that two sections were taught, with over 25 students per section.

Back on campus, students have been working in our newly upgraded machine shop. Already over a dozen students are learning to use our new ShopBot CNC mill and CNC/manual lathe.From freshmen to seniors, our team has gotten off the ground and involved in machining and fabricating their own components from CAD models.

Everyone is excited to get our FRC team off the ground. We've officially received our permanent team number, #7419, and are reaching out to Bay Area companies for mentorship and support. We're already partnered with Apple and Solidworks, who have generously sponsored us with donations and free personal software licenses for our team members. Our mentor team has grown to over 10 members and includes teachers and industry professionals from several East Bay and Bay Area companies. We're looking forward to an amazing season ahead as we continue to grow our team and STEM community at Quarry Lane!

Students Johan and Hima work on an electronics control and trouble shooting training station at Santa Clara University.

Senior Bora G. demonstrates the manual mode of the CNC lathe in the Quarry Lane fabrication lab.