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Another Victory for Quarry Lane Speech and Debate
Another Victory for Quarry Lane Speech and Debate

This weekend's GGSA tournament at the Monte Vista High School marked yet another victory for the Quarry Lane debate team! Competitors from both the Parliamentary and the Congress divisions won debate rounds against teams from across the district.

Debater Akaash B. led the awards ceremony by winning 1st place in House Congress, followed closely by Suhani N. in fourth. Our competitors in Parliamentary, meanwhile, were equally successful. Rhea M. and Amatullah O., along with Olivia H. and Kalyani V., and Shyma B. and Saikrishna R. won two out of three of their debates in Novice Parliamentary.

The awards from the GGSA tournament are only the beginning. This weekend, our debate travel team participated in Minneapolis' 33rd annual Apple Valley Debate Tournament. Across more than 1,000 competitors from over 80 schools across the country, debaters Sai K. and Zac D. won bids to the Tournament of Champions in the Lincoln-Douglass division. Keya V. and Anik S. also qualified for the TOC in Public Forum. Capping off the accomplishments was Sai K., entering the invitation-only Round Robin competition at Minneapple and finishing in the final round. Against fierce competition from other schools, our debate team has once again earned both recognition and praise.