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Quarry Lane Pre-K STEM Summer Academy 2022



In order to meet the needs of our community, we offer the following schedule options for the Quarry Lane Pre-kindergarten STEM Summer Academy: Monday–Friday, 9:00 am–4:00 pm with optional before school care (7:00/8:009:00 am) and/or after school care (4:00–5:30/6:00 pm). Our programs, including curriculum and specials classes, are designed for the five days per week schedule, missed curriculum and activities are not made up.

I/We understand that the enrollment fee, first session’s tuition and the completed Admissions Agreement are due upon enrollment. I/We understand that this deposit is forfeited if my child does not begin attending The Quarry Lane School on the agreed upon start date. All tuition and fees paid are NON-REFUNDABLE and NON-TRANSFERABLE.​​​​

Quarry Lane STEM Summer Academy 2022 Admissions Agreement

This is a binding contract for The Quarry Lane School. Please read before signing.

This agreement is made by and between

(hereinafter referred to as “Parent(s)") and The Quarry Lane School, (hereinafter referred to as “School”).

Parent(s) hereby enroll the child named below in The Quarry Lane School's STEM Summer Academy. ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
Start Date: Parent(s) agree that their child(ren) will begin attendance on the first session marked below in §6. Parent(s) may submit a written request for a one-time only postponement of their child(ren)’s start date for up to thirty (30) days. This single request may be granted at The Quarry Lane School’s discretion if space is available. If the child(ren) do(es) not begin attending The Quarry Lane School on the agreed upon start date, the enrollment fee and the first month’s tuition are forfeited and will not be refunded. Enrollment, after the school year begins, must commence within thirty (30) days of signing the Admissions Agreement, or when the first opening becomes available. ​​
Basic Services Offered: The Quarry Lane School offers the following program for summer 2022 from June 1 through August 12, 2022. • School day (9:00 am–4:00 pm) STEM Summer Academy pre-kindergarten for potty-trained four (4) to six (6) year olds. Quarry Lane STEM Summer Academy covers social development, large motor coordination, fine motor skills, developing listening skills, music and movement activities, math readiness skills, STEM laboratories, world language, reading readiness activities, language concepts, art projects, outside play and self-help skills. ​​
Optional Services Offered: Independent contractors providing extra-curricular activities for students on campus are separate from The Quarry Lane School. The Quarry Lane School assumes no responsibility or liability for these contractors or agreements parent(s) may enter into with them.​
Enrollment Deposit: A non-refundable $100.00 (one hundred dollars) enrollment fee plus a non-refundable deposit of the first session’s tuition (as designated in §6) is due upon enrollment. ​​
Tuition and Fees: Parent(s) understand that payments are due according to the following tuition and fees payment schedule. Monthly payments are due on the first of each month and will be considered late after the fifth of each month. Parent(s) agree to pay the monthly tuition regardless of the child’s attendance. There will be no make-up days or hours, vacation credit or credit for vacation time off. The Quarry Lane School is responsible for the care and supervision of my child as follows:​​​​​​​​​​​​​
Before School Care and After School Care: The Quarry Lane School offers optional before school care and after school care for students enrolled in the STEM Summer Academy. Before school care is from 7:00/8:00 am to 9:00 am and after school care is from 4:00 pm to 5:30/6:00 pm. Before and after school care may be terminated provided parent(s) give a written 30-day notice to discontinue it. Session payments are the same regardless of the child’s attendance. There will be no make-up days or hours, vacation credit or credit for vacation time off. Please select from the following options by marking your choice(s):​​​​​​
Rights of the Licensing Agency: The Department or Licensing Agency shall have the authority to interview children or staff, and inspect and audit child or facility records without prior consent. The licensee shall make provisions for private interviews with any children or staff member; and for the examination of all records relation to the operation of the child care center. The Department or Licensing Agency has the authority to observe the physical condition of the child(ren), including conditions that could indicate the abuse, neglect, or inappropriate placement.​​​​​​​
Parent(s) agree and promise to follow all of the enrollment and tuition policies, terms and conditions of The Quarry Lane School.​​​​​​
Late Pick Up Fees: Parent(s) understand that a late fee is incurred if their child is not picked up promptly after his/her class is dismissed. This late fee will be billed to the parent(s) account. Parent(s) agree to pay late fees assessed as follows: Late from one to three times = $1.00 per minute (per child) after dismissal Late four to six times = $5.00 per minute (per child) after dismissal Late seven to ten times = $15.00 per minute (per child) after dismissal Late eleven to fifteen times = $20.00 per minute (per child) after dismissal Late 16 times = dismissal from The Quarry Lane School​​​​​
Change of Schedule Fee: Parent(s) agree to pay a Change of Schedule fee of $25.00 (twenty five dollars) per change in student’s schedule. One change in schedule per summer (from June 1 through August 12, 2021) is allowed at no charge. Requests for a change to your child’s schedule must be submitted in writing by the fifteenth day of the month, to become effective on the first day of the following month. All requests are subject to approval. ​​​
Sign-In, Sign-Out Policy: Parent(s) understand that California State Licensing Law requires that children must be signed in and out of their classroom each day with a complete signature. Parent(s) understand that they must sign their child in and out each day and The Quarry Lane School is not responsible for any child until s/he is signed in or after s/he is signed out. Signing may be done physically or electronically as required by School procedures in accordance with Licensing regulations. Parent(s) are financially responsible for any fines/fees imposed upon The Quarry Lane School by the state licensing agency because of their failure to provide a full and complete signature.​
Refund Policy/Parent(s) Liability: Parent(s) understand that their obligation to pay all fees for the full summer program session(s) agreed to in §6 above is unconditional and that no portion of the fees paid or outstanding will be refunded in the event of classroom/school closure or cancellation due to circumstances beyond control of the school, or upon their child’s absence, withdrawal, or dismissal from The Quarry Lane School. If your child should be withdrawn or dismissed prior to the completion of the summer program session(s) agreed to in §6 above, the remaining tuition becomes immediately due and payable. All tuition and fees paid are non-refundable and non-transferable.​​
Probation Period: Parent(s) understand that there is a thirty (30) day probation period following the child’s start date. During this time, if it is determined that our program is not suitable for your child (due to child readiness, development, toilet-training problems, etc.), termination of enrollment may result. Based on your child’s growth and development, we may recommend enrollment at a later date. There is no refund of the enrollment deposit.​
Withdrawal: Parent(s) must provide a written 30 (thirty) day notice to withdraw their child from the program. If the notice is less than 30 (thirty) days, parent(s) are obligated to pay the full 30 (thirty) days tuition.​
Grounds for Dismissal: The Quarry Lane School retains the right to dismiss any student for unsatisfactory conduct on campus or off campus. The delinquency of tuition or any other school fees shall also be grounds for dismissal. The Quarry Lane School retains the right to terminate enrollment if the student, parent(s), or guardian(s) do not comply with policies, rules or regulations of The Quarry Lane School, specifically including, but not limited to, all policies, rules, and regulations specified in The Quarry Lane School Parent/Student Handbook. The Quarry Lane School may also terminate enrollment if the student, parent(s), or guardian(s) fail to cooperate with faculty and administration. The Quarry Lane School reserves the right to dismiss a student if his or her physical or mental disabilities preclude the school from providing for the necessary needs of the student as determined by the administration.​
Publicity and Photo Release: Parent(s) agree that The Quarry Lane School has the irrevocable right to use their student’s image or likeness, name, voice, student information pertaining to school functions and activities, student work, etc. in, but not limited to, photographs/videos/press releases/radio spots/websites/brochures or other school promotional media without financial compensation for an unlimited time. Parent(s) wishing to decline this Publicity and Photo Release must submit a written request to the Quarry Lane School Main Office. This release does not apply to photographs taken during extra-curricular activities. Students who attend extra-curricular activities forfeit their rights to retain authority over the publication of photos taken. ​​​​​​​​​
Late Charges and Collection Costs: A late charge of $50.00 (fifty dollars) will be assessed if tuition payments are not received when due. Tuition in arrears more than thirty (30) days is subject to a finance charge of 1 ¼% per month on the unpaid balance, in addition to the $50.00 (fifty dollar) late charge. A $30.00 (thirty dollar) fee will be assessed for returned checks. If collection or legal action is instituted on this contract, Parent(s) agree to pay all costs and disbursements including all attorney and legal fees incurred to collect and enforce this indebtedness. Any litigation or civil action concerning this agreement shall be venue in a court of competent jurisdiction in Alameda County.​​​​​​
Modification Conditions: Quarry Lane reserves the right to change tuition at any time. A written notice of any rate change will be available thirty (30) calendar days prior to the effective date of the change.​​ The school retains the express right to add, omit, amend or change this admissions agreement and/or policy or rule at any time.​​​​
Entire Agreement: No waiver of modification of this agreement shall be binding upon the parties unless it is in writing and signed by all parties to this agreement. There are no other oral agreements or representations that are not contained in this agreement and any oral evidence of the same shall not be admissible in any civil action or proceeding. This agreement shall be binding on and inure to the benefit of the respective parties, their heirs, legal representatives, successors, and assigns.​​​​​

Your name(s) below constitutes an acceptance of The Quarry Lane School’s Admissions Agreement detailed above.​
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