Alumni Perspective - Yuvraj Mahadeshwar

Yuvraj Mahadeshwar graduated from Quarry Lane in 2017 as his class valedictorian and is currently attending Dartmouth University.

Dear Prospective Student and Family,

I have spent the last six years at the Quarry Lane School and have just graduated as the part of the class of 2017. Coming to this school was the best decision I ever made in terms of developing myself mentally, physically, and emotionally. I was blown away by the amount of care each teacher takes for every student, and the supportive environment helped me realize that there is no limit to what I can accomplish. I came here hoping that if I worked hard enough by getting good grades and test scores, I would be able to get accepted to some of the prestigious UC schools. I entered the school nervously on my first day of school thinking that my own actions would propel me to accomplish my collegiate aspirations. I did not know then that my understanding of school, college acceptances, and life would change over the next couple years.

Each of my teachers took so much care into what they taught such that learning became easy for me. The supportive environment created by faculty and friends made me feel that everyone was rooting for me to be accepted to the college of my dreams. I felt less alone and more confident in myself because of the abundant love and support that the school showed me. The small class sizes, individualized attention, and immense knowledge of each professor allowed me to learn quickly, deeply, and effectively. Each teacher was open to meeting during lunchtimes to discuss interesting lessons, and each student felt drawn in to learn.

In terms of extracurricular activities, the Quarry Lane School has the perfect resources in order for students to create or develop their interests. I had a deep passion for chess, and I wanted to transform the school’s club into an organized, competitive team. After I shared my idea with faculty, I immediately received substantial funding for supplies and covering tournament fees. We were able to organize training sessions, host small tournaments, and enter in local, state, and national tournaments. The team finished first at States and second in the Western National Championships for the high school category. This would not have been possible had it not been for the guidance of faculty along with the encouraging environment of the school.

Lastly, and most importantly, the Quarry Lane School provides the perfect resources to ensure your acceptance into a top-tier college. Throughout my time in middle school and high school, the college counselors were able to meet with me and my family multiple times during the week such that we felt confident in what we were doing and what the proceeding steps should be. My dreams of being accepted to top UC schools came true, as I received admission to all of them and even a Regent’s Scholarship to UC Berkeley. I had never imagined that I would even receive admission to Ivy League institutions or other elite schools. However, my teachers and counselors believed in me and helped me receive acceptances to several Ivy League and Ivy-Plus schools. The Quarry Lane School has done its best to make sure that all of my needs were catered toward, so I would now like the time to reciprocate the guidance it has given me by using my college admissions experience to help guide students into choosing the right school. There are many good high schools in the area, but Quarry Lane is simply exceptional.


Yuvraj Mahadeshwar

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