Alumni Perspective - Sena Adansi

Sena Adansi graduated from Quarry Lane in 2017 as her class Co-Salutatorian and is attending Columbia University.

Sena Adansi at QLS Alumni in Dublin, CA

Let me introduce myself! My name is Sena Adansi. I just graduated from Quarry Lane's high school, and will be attending Columbia University in the Fall. It is with great enthusiasm that I encourage your student to attend Quarry Lane. From the viewpoint of a QLS alumnus, here are some of the reasons why I believe Quarry Lane is an excellent option for students looking to attend America's most prestigious universities:

1. The teacher to student ratio is much smaller at Quarry Lane than at Dougherty Valley. This allows for close-knit student/teacher relationships, which is crucial (in my experiences) for full student engagement. In turn, teachers are better equipped to write outstanding college recommendations.

2. The environment at Quarry Lane, which fosters creativity in the formation of clubs, initiatives, and events, allows students to be free; as it pertains to being accepted to America's most prestigious universities, the more opportunities available to student, the greater the chance that their college applications can catch the eyes of admissions officers. To exemplify this, I will shed light on some of my experiences. I was able, due to Quarry Lane's open-minded and amazingly supportive administration, to start a Girls' Soccer Team, in addition to the first Tennis Club. I am certain that these efforts, enabled by my school, caught the eyes of college admissions officers and played a significant role in guaranteeing my college acceptances. Among over 100,000 applicants, I was part of the lucky 16% to be accepted at UCLA. Applicants are doing everything they can to set them apart from the crowd, and Quarry Lane administrators, who are very well aware of this, are not only allowing, but are encouraging students to pursue their own endeavors and carve their own path.

3. Any concern you have, no matter how big or small it may be, will be fully addressed by Quarry Lane's administration. I can say with certainty that Quarry Lane's administration has been the most supportive school administration I have had the pleasure of interacting with. They truly want the best for their students.
4. The IB, or the International Baccalaureate. Quarry Lane is among only a few schools in the Bay Area that offers IB, which is taken in junior and senior year. The approach IB has to a student's learning is extremely well-rounded, including a rigorous curriculum, requirements that ensure students are committed to their communities, and lots of practice with writing. In an environment with a smaller number of students, Harkness-style discussions are common, allowing for the exchange of opinions with one's peers, and stimulating dialogue with teachers. I have come to find that the full picture that is IB has been extremely important in my college selection journey. Ninth and tenth grade at Quarry Lane prepare students for the rigor that IB is known for.

5. It's hard. And Quarry Lane has taught me to embrace challenges; I am inclined to approach, rather than shrink away, from them. My classmates all wanted to make their families proud, and I can happily say that they did. Their college acceptances were truly through the roof! An academic environment that fosters friendly academic competition has prompted me to do better. Similar to the Space Race between the United States and the Soviet Union in the mid-1900's, the competition has resulted in a higher degree of academic success.

All my life, I have worked hard in school, and but I worked harder than I ever had at Quarry Lane. Instilled in me now is an attitude to "run to the fire". But without my Quarry Lane education, I would be nowhere near where I am today. I brought honor to my family's name, which was all I could ever ask for.

Please consider sending your student to Quarry Lane. The gains will be limitless.

Best regards,
Sena Adansi
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