Alumni Perspective - Dane Q Sur

Dane Quijano Sur graduated from Quarry Lane in 2016. He currently attends the United States Navel Academy as a Midshipman.

Dane Quijano Sur at QLS Alumni in Dublin, CA

Dear Prospective Student,

Up until this point in my life, I have made a number of key decisions that have shaped both where I am today and the rest of my life. One of these most important decisions, and one that I am truly grateful to have made, was my decision to attend Quarry Lane.

Quarry Lane was an amazing school with so many opportunities, and a place where I truly grew both academically, and as an individual. During my time there, I truly came to appreciate both the quality of the teaching and the caliber of my friends. Every teacher I had was invested in teaching me and making sure I understood the material, taking time out of their schedules to meet with us individually if we felt we needed the help. I had great relationships with my teachers, and seeing how much they cared about my education made me want to work that much harder. The friends I made at Quarry Lane are some of the brightest, most driven people I have ever met, who pushed me to reach the greatest of my abilities. I still keep in touch with almost every single one of them, and see them going on to accomplish great things on the foundation they built at Quarry.

I have always been a hard worker, and Quarry Lane gave me the opportunity to reach my potential and get as far as I have. As a Midshipman at the United States Naval Academy, I find myself one of the top performers at a school filled with valedictorians, sports team captains, student body presidents, and more. I could not imagine going this far without all that I learned at Quarry, and I am excited to continue my education using everything I learned there.

Good luck with whatever decision you make! I hope my perspective helps, and that maybe one day I will be able to greet you as a Quarry Lane alumni as well.

Very respectfully,

Dane Q. Sur


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