Sample Schedules

*Please note: the following are sample schedules only and are subject to change.

Lower School Schedule Highlights

Our Lower School schedule is carefully crafted to create a balanced day for our students which include core academic instruction and co-curricular instruction. 

  • Every Lower School class begins their day with a Morning Meeting where our students greet each other, share thoughts and information, and begin their day with a sense of community, mindfulness, and positivity.
  • Instruction of all "core academic" subjects - English Language Arts, Mathematics, Social Studies, and Science - is part of our students' schedules.
  • Co-curricular classes such as Art, Music, World Languages, STEM, and P.E. are an important component of our students' learning experience and are embedded into our students' weekly schedule.*

*Frequency of co-curricular classes may vary depending on grade level. 

Upper School Schedule Highlights


  • Later start to the school day
  • A rotating schedule to allow a variety to the school day
  • With four to five periods a day to prepare for, students have more time to participate in extracurricular activities and athletics programs.
  • Middle school students have one Enrichment period each day dedicated to Clubs, Assemblies,Grade Level Advisory, Social Time, Study Hall, and/or other enrichment activities. 
  • AP Focus periods, designed to dedicate more instruction time for select IB and AP classes, are available for high school students
  • Built-in Academic Prep time allows high school students more time to participate in athletics and extracurricular activities.
  • Flex Time and Enrichment Time is built into high school students' schedules for clubs, study hall, student council, college counseling, seminars, assemblies, and pep rallies.