Parking & Transportation

Student safety is our number one priority at Quarry Lane. Our traffic, parking and transportation options and guidelines are all developed with student safety in mind as we strive to ensure that our students get to and from school as safely as possible and in a manner that is convenient for our families.

Parking and Traffic Guidelines

Quarry Lane strives to be good neighbors and respectful of our neighboring communities and we ask our families and visitors to be mindful of and courteous to our neighbors by following these guidelines.

  • Please drop-off and pick-up students in the areas designated as Loading Zones only . DO NOT stop to drop-off or pick-up your student in any other area within the traffic loops on campus.
  • Do not double park at any time.
  • Do not block intersections on campus.
  • Do not allow any part of your vehicle to protrude into traffic; do not pull into campus unless you have a full car length in front of you available.
  • Do not use your cell phone while queuing in traffic.
  • Respect traffic monitors and follow the directions of traffic monitors.
  • Visitors must check-in at the Admissions Office (Building 1) to obtain a temporary parking pass.

Quarry Lane Campus Queue

Our campus has a limited amount of space to accommodate the volume of traffic during drop-off and pick-up. In addition to following the parking and traffic rules, we have established a queue to facilitate the flow of traffic and most importantly, ensure the safety of our students as they arrive and depart campus. Please ensure that students are dropped off and picked up in the designated Loading Zones ONLY (areas marked as green).

Quarry Lane Campus in Dublin, CA

Public Transportation Options

The Wheels Bus service operates routes throughout the Tri-Valley area for those interested in utilizing public transportation to and from the Quarry Lane Dublin campus. The Quarry Lane School stop, located on the curb right in front of the Lower Level parking lot is available on Route 2.

For information about the Wheels Bus service, routes and schedules, visit: