Quarry Lane Receives Prestigious Honor for Speech and Debate


Quarry Lane Receives Prestigious Honor for Speech and Debate
Quarry Lane Receives Prestigious Honor for Speech and Debate

The Quarry Lane School has been selected as a Member School of the Barkley Forum for High Schools at Emory University, a designation that indicates students from the school's debate program have demonstrated consistent excellence in forensics.

With this recognition, Quarry Lane joins an elite group of schools across the country who are committed to teaching critical thinking, public presentation skills, and top-level research.

One of the most prestigious organizations dedicated to forensics, the Barkley Forum only handpicks the most competitive teams of the country as "member schools'. For 65 years, Member Schools have demonstrated academic and competitive excellence worthy of substantial notice

Year after year, the Quarry Lane Speech and Debate program has earned national recognition and has built an impressive list of accolades and results. This year, the team has earned tremendous success. From snagging awards in local GGSA-hosted tournaments to closing out whole competitions in the national circuit, the team's performance has been a reflection of Quarry Lane's evolution over the season. Cougar competitors kicked off the year with a membership to the NSDA's honorable 100 club, where the collective strength of their NSDA points earned them national recognition. These students then went on to earn lucrative bids to the annual Tournament of Champions in both speech and debate categories, with breakthroughs in previously unexplored events like Congressional debate.

Yet tournament wins are certainly not the only evidence of the team's progress. This year, they hosted a school-wide Equity Day, a collaborative effort from the team to address socio-economic inequalities both inside and outside the speech & debate sphere. Equity Day reflected the speech & debate team's solidarity and communication skills; after sharing their own experiences with privilege and inequality, they created a visual representation of possible solutions. In lieu of these ideas, they also began organizing a dream project -- the annual Womxn's Invitational -- to challenge gender roles in debate and honor womxn with leadership positions who have braved self-doubt, a lack of opportunities, and institutionalized sexism to get where they are today. The Quarry Lane speech & debate team has broken so many barriers and opened so many doors -- all with the determination to add to this incredible legacy in the years to come.

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