Big Victories for QLS Speech and Debate


Big Victories for QLS Speech and Debate
Big Victories for QLS Speech and Debate

Last weekend's debate tournament at the Bronx High School of Science featured a crucial victory for the Quarry Lane Cougars

A renowned national circuit competition, the 2019 Bronx Invitational in New York City drew hundreds of competitors from across the Midwest as well as the East Coast. In varsity Public Forum, Anik Sen and junior Aarushi Jain won four of their preliminary rounds, with Anik ranking 20th in speaker awards among a whopping two hundred other debaters. Close behind were sophomores Rhea Oswal and Serena Ramanathan, who won two of their rounds in prelims. Meanwhile, junior Prisha Bhadra emerged as a quarterfinalist in Original Oratory -- one of the most popular speech events at the tournament. In the best news of all, Lincoln Douglas veteran Zachary Davis was an octafinalist and 19th speaker overall -- thus earning him a lucrative bid to the Tournament of Champions! Against seasoned participants from throughout the nation, the Quarry Lane speech and debate team has earned both esteem and high praise.

Additionally last weekend, our speech and debate team participated in the annual Presentation Voices Invitational. Hosted at the Presentation High School, this all-varsity competition features both Public Forum and Lincoln Douglas events. Public Forum veterans Aarushi Jain and Anik Sen were triple-octafinalists, marking their third major victory of this year. Our students were equally successful in Lincoln Douglas. Newcomer Meera Sehgal was not only a quarter-finalist, but also 18th in speaker awards overall. Her achievement also earned her a lucrative bid to the exclusive, all-varsity Tournament of Champions! Senior Zachary Davis broke to the triple-octafinal round, ranking 39th in speaker points.

Quarry Lane's achievements do not end there, however. This Saturday, our speech team also attended GGSA first individual events tournament of the year. Held at the James Logan High School, the speech competition featured a myriad of categories, from Dramatic Interpretation to Original Oratory. In novice Duo Interpretation, Nidhi Pappu and Halima Omar took second place, while Adrienne Bae and Baljeet Dhaliwal won first. Meanwhile, Junior Nitika Kurma was a finalist in Varsity International Extemporaneous Speaking. Congratulations to all the participants!

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