Last Updated: June 18, 2022


Keeping Our Community Safe 

With the beginning of the 2021-2022 academic year approaching, we wanted to share important information regarding school operations for our return to campus this Fall, including some of the health and safety protocols we have set in place.

We continue to be guided by our commitment to the safety and well-being of our community, our core mission and values, and to providing the best possible learning experience for our students. Along with the CDC and CPHD, we prioritize in-person instruction this Fall and adhere to the data which states that students learn best in the physical classroom. In accordance with these public health agencies, our goal is to welcome all students safely back to campus in August. Therefore, we are not planning a distance learning platform for students. 

We are confident that onsite, in-person instruction is the optimal learning platform for students. Our successful campus reopening this past school year demonstrated that we can, and will, continue to provide a safe and healthy on-campus experience for our community.

In preparing for a full return to campus, we have implemented the following mitigation strategies: 

  • All Quarry Lane faculty and staff are fully vaccinated.

  • COVID-19 vaccination is required for students aged 12 and above, unless exempt for medical or religious reasons.

    • Eligible students who are not vaccinated must submit proof of a negative COVID test weekly. 

  • All faculty, staff, and students (Jr. K-Grade 12) are required to wear proper face masks at all times while on campus, with the exception of when they are eating or drinking. Mask breaks will be given and can occur when students are a minimum of six feet apart from others. 
    • Face masks must cover the nose and mouth.
    • Students should bring a minimum of two masks with them to school daily. 
  • Consistent with the CDC's and CPHD's recommendations, we strongly encourage all students ages 5 and above receive the COVID-19 vaccine and upload vaccination information to students' records on the Portal. (Note: Currently, the CDC recommends the COVID-19 vaccine for children ages 6 months and older.)
  • All students, faculty, and staff will continue to adhere to diligent personal hygiene practices, including proper and frequent hand washing, to prevent the spread of viruses.
  • Campus cleaning and sanitizing protocols, such as frequent/daily cleaning of classrooms and high-touch surfaces, will continue.
  • Classrooms and other indoor campus spaces will be optimized to allow for increased ventilation, including open windows and doors, to the extent possible.

We believe a layered, thoughtful approach to onsite measures is the best and most effective prevention strategy in keeping our students, faculty, and staff safe and healthy while on campus. Our success depends on this being a collective effort. 

As always, we recognize that we must remain vigilant and prepared as the year unfolds. We continue to be in regular contact with the ACPHD and remain responsive and flexible to current data. Updates or changes to our protocols will be based on guidance from public health agencies (CDC, CPHD, and ACPHD), our commitment to the safety and well-being of our community, and our mission to provide an optimal, seamless learning experience. Additionally, any changes or updates to our health and safety protocols will be communicated as soon as possible via email, as well as posted onto our website.