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Welcome Quarry Lane Alumni!

Quarry Lane Alumni Meet in Dublin, CA

As Quarry Lane alumni, you will forever be a part of the Quarry Lane community. Whether you are interested in reconnecting with former classmates, mentoring a new generation of Quarry Lane students or inspired to give back to the community, we are here to help keep our community connected.

Announcing: QLS Alumni Platform

The Quarry Lane School has partnered with Graduway to create an Alumni Platform and we are delighted to announce its launch! 

The Quarry Lane School Alumni brings our community together by providing you with access to:

  • A running feed of alumni updates, interesting content, photos, and conversations.
  • A directory that connects you to the Quarry Lane School community around the world.
  • A mentoring program, giving you the opportunity to be a mentor or a mentee. A job board with current opportunities, posted by alumni, students and strategic partners.
  • Group conversations allowing you to engage at a more granular level with those with the same field of study, interests, careers, industries, and locations as you.
  • Invitations to upcoming events, including on-campus events, alumni only events, class reunions, and more.

To register for the QLS Alumni Platform, click on the link below. We encourage our entire alumni community to take advantage of this exciting opportunity!



Have an Update? Submit an Alumni Note! 

We know all our alumni have been on, or are currently on, a remarkable academic and career journey. We are so proud of our Cougars and want to congratulate and celebrate you. We would love for you to submit an Alumni Note detailing your academic and/or career successes, achievements, and major milestones since graduation. Please be sure to include a professional recent photo to accompany your note. Email Alumni Notes to




Call for Speakers!

Be a Guest Alumni Speaker

Every month QLS puts on an educational speaker series for our students and parents. It would be especially meaningful to have a QLS Alumni come back to speak to our current QLS community. Topics of discussion can vary and be specific to each individual speaker. Some topics can be sharing the story of your education/career path since graduating, sharing a specific area of expertise, if you decided to purse your passion versus the expected career path/what caused you to end up on a different path and what you might have done differently while you were here, how to use high school to figure out who students are and what they really want to do, if you followed through with your career path: how you knew and what drove you to continue on such a laser-focused path, etc. We would love to welcome Alumni back to campus and give our students and parents the opportunity to learn from them and hear the success stories that come from this school.

Where Are They Now?

Upon graduating, Quarry Lane alumni continue their journeys at some of the nation's top universities.

Learn more about some of our recent Quarry Lane graduates, including where they continued their educational journey, in our Senior Spotlights.

Meet our Community: Senior Spotlight >>

Quarry Lane College Acceptances >>


Stay Connected


Did you know? We created an Alumni Facebook page just for you! This is your opportunity to post photos, updates and more! Come Like us to gain access to the exciting photo albums that are already available- they include photos from your graduations and your student life here at Quarry Lane!

In addition, connect with Quarry Lane Alumni on LinkedIn to join the Quarry Lane Alumni group!

Alumni Contact: Ms. Courtney Cotariu, Community Events Coordinator 






Alumni Newsletter - Winter 2024 Edition




Our goal in establishing this newsletter is to facilitate connections among our growing alumni community and build a stronger Quarry Lane alumni network. To ensure you are up-to-date on this, and other new alumni communications, make sure to update your contact information using the form below or email us.

Have an idea or suggestion for an alumni event? Want to get involved in planning for a future alumni event? We'd love to hear from you! Email us at


Save the Date! 

Please join us for the following events: 

April 12, 2024: QLS eARTh Stroll

May 30, 2024: Graduation Gala


Get In Touch

We want to hear from you! Submit your contact information below so that we can make sure to include you in future alumni newsletters, events, news, etc.

Feel free to email us with questions, updates and photos, Or, if you have a great idea for an alumni event, get in touch and we'll plan it together!