Expected Schoolwide Learning Results in Dublin, CA


A significant expected schoolwide learning result is one that demonstrates, as a result of meaningful and authentic learning experiences over time, that learners will be able to exhibit a culmination of their learning in a real world context that has significant purpose and meaning for them and others. (Adapted from Fontana USD)

The following Expected Schoolwide Learning Results have been created to suit the needs of The Quarry Lane School and its programs. These ESLRs define what each student should know, understand and be able to do upon their exit from The Quarry Lane School.

I.) All Quarry Lane School students will strive to be effective communicators who
  • A. Speak and write with clarity
  • B. Use technology and fine arts as media for expression
II.) All Quarry Lane School students will strive to be critical thinkers and problem solvers who
  • A. Demonstrate academic readiness for higher learning through analysis and application of information and self-evaluation
  • B. Collaborate to establish and to accomplish effective goals
III.) All Quarry Lane School students will strive to be individuals who
  • A. Demonstrate the Quarry Lane School values outlined through our Cougars of Distinction traits and community service
  • B. Celebrate diversity and tolerance
  • C. Develop and apply leadership skills
  • D. Lead a healthy lifestyle