Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Belonging

Our Commitment

The Quarry Lane School is committed towards providing a nurturing and welcoming environment for all members of our community—one that seeks to honor the cultures, backgrounds, and beliefs reflected in our diverse community. Our ethnically diverse student body consists of 1,090 students at our three campuses from the East Bay area and all around the world. At Quarry Lane, we take pride in and celebrate the diversity that defines our school. Ensuring inclusivity and fostering a culture of mutual respect for people of all backgrounds, religions and perspectives is the core of our QLS mission. As an international school, we pride ourselves in the vast global perspectives that enrich our community. This is what makes us who we are.
The Quarry Lane community includes students and staff from countries around the globe including, China, Argentina, Thailand, South Korea, Germany, Portugal, Columbia, Angola, Nigeria, India, Singapore, Australia, UK, and Mexico. This international perspective enriches the dynamic learning environment and community at Quarry Lane.
As an International Baccalaureate (IB) World School, we have embraced the IB philosophy and curriculum along with the program standards and practices. This program provides students with the option to participate in an academically rigorous global education that promotes inquiry, reflection, and global thinking. Adopting this world-renowned program deepens our commitment to promoting intercultural understanding and respect both within and outside of our community. Quarry Lane believes in nurturing the true potential of each student and appreciating the uniqueness of all individuals. This is central to our work in cultivating lifelong learners and leaders of the next generation.

We aspire to be an educational institution that lives up to our commitment towards creating an equitable, inclusive learning experience for each member of our community.

Our Vision and Mission

We believe our excellence stems from our diversity. Our ongoing goal at Quarry Lane School is to continue to promote, examine, and honor all of the things that make our diverse, innovative, and bright community so exceptional. We recognize the privilege and responsibility we have to prepare our students to be future leaders and engaged citizens who lead with empathy, kindness, and a deep appreciation of the value of diversity. To this end, we aspire to be an educational institution that lives up to our commitment towards creating an equitable, inclusive learning experience for each member of our community.

Our Practice

Beginning at the elementary level and throughout our program, we aim to use an honest and authentic lens in our pedagogy and curricular reviews to ensure that a diverse range of voices and perspectives are incorporated, particularly in the areas of social science and literature.

Some of the many ways in which Quarry Lane works toward promoting diversity, equity, and inclusivity, includes creating spaces and opportunities for student and faculty to engage in initiatives, activities, and discussions centered around diversity, cultural competencies, and cross-cultural dialogue. In offering a wide variety of students clubs and extracurricular programs throughout the year such as the US-International Student Alliance, Harvard Model Congress, Gay-Straight Alliance, Asian Culture Club, Care Club, and Spanish Culture Club as some examples, we are able to commemorate our differences and unite as a school community. In addition to our multicultural curriculum, we offer various events such as our International Potluck and Fashion Show that focuses on our deep international connections celebrating all of our unique backgrounds, and traditions as well our Winter Arts Festival, Art Stroll and various Admissions events which highlight the rich cultures of our community.

Our Community