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We have been part of the Quarry Lane School community for over 15 years. Both my kids started at the preschool level and now they are both at the QLS high school. Needless to say we have been so committed to their program because both my kids thrive there. The small classroom size has allowed the teachers to reinforce the materials by implementing class project, debates, small group discussions, and presentations. The teachers are creative in their methods of teaching, and this allows each student to thrive and be successful, One of the best thing about QLS is the unconditional support by the teachers and faculty. My kids get so much extra help outside of the designated classroom time: during lunch, prep period, before/ after school, and always via email The support, encouragement and academic rigor at Quarry Lane helped to solidify my son's college acceptance to Brown University.

-Tracy Lu, Quarry Lane Parent

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What's Happening At Quarry Lane

    We believe that a child's first years are critical to their growth and success in life.


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    What sets our Lower School program apart is an accelerated curriculum taught by subject-matter experts.

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    Our academic-based preschool program provides a foundation for early learning in a nurturing and supportive environment.

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    Our innovative Upper School program uniquely prepares students success in college and beyond.