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What parents are saying about Quarry Lane:


"Thank you for consistently creating a meaningful and effective learning environment. Our whole family is growing because our son has the opportunity to attend QLS. Thank you for the devoted expertise. It makes a lasting difference." 

The Koth Family, Upper School Parent


"As Educators, we imagine that often you do not know or hear about what happens to the students you invested in after they graduate from high school. We are assuming that there could be little praise or appreciation that comes back to Educators once a student leaves QLS.

In this case, we wanted to circle-back to give you and others at QLS high praise for all that you gave to our son (education, time, support) as the foundation behind his success at QLS, this past summer, and in his life ahead to come. Directly ahead, he has his own future at Cal to begin in about a week from now. He is well-positioned for that opportunity because of all that QLS has given him. As his parents, we are especially grateful to you for all that you have given our son and we know that he is also very grateful." 

The Drake Family, Upper School Parent


"Our daughters have been at Quarry Lane since pre-school, except for two years. During those two years, we tried both a public school and a private Montessori school. Neither one of these worked for us and we came back to QLS. At QLS, we like the small class size, the personal attention our daughters get and, above all, the dedicated teachers that know each student's strengths and weaknesses and try to tailor their class work to the students' needs. We are looking forward to having our daughters attend the AP classes and the IB program in the upper school."

Monty Bindra, Middle School Parent


"…My oldest two children have attended other programs including an emergent curriculum as well as a Montessori program and I have to personally say that this is the best thus far! I have recommended this campus to my other friends and they would wholeheartedly agree. We love the great organization that the staff provides including policies and procedures, the curriculum as displayed by how it is embraced by our children, and the friendly and nurturing staff. If I knew what I know now, I would have enrolled all of my children in this program from the start. I am very thankful that I have found this program for my kids."

Tam Chiang, Preschool and Lower School Parent


"Why Quarry Lane? The teachers! They keep my child wanting to come back for more. They make academics fun & creative."

Preschool Parent


"Quarry Lane is a small family with every member trying to become their best. All the children are connected. You know your child is becoming their best and everyone is there to cheer them on and support them. The teachers and directors are their second moms and dads. They want what is best for them just like I do."

Lower School Parent


"The teachers at Quarry Lane truly care about the success of each individual child."

Upper School Parent (since 2006)


"…We could not be happier with Quarry Lane education, environment and discipline."

Stan, Lower School Parent


"After looking at all preschools in Pleasanton, Quarry Lane offered the best program! My Favorite part of Quarry Lane is the staff and knowing that when I drop my child off at 8 a.m. he is safe and loved until I return at 4 p.m. The loving, caring and warm environment makes him feel safe and comfortable! This is my second child attending Q.L. my daughter attended for 4 years and had a great experience. We LOVE Quarry Lane!"

Teralyn Fredricks, Preschool Parent


"Quarry Lane is one of the best private schools! They not only teach kids to do math and English but there are also lot of other extra curricular activities. One of the main things I like about the school is that they combine learning with other activities, like field trips. This makes it a very positive experience for the kids to learn there. My daughter has been here since her preschool days and she is doing great! The teachers and the management team are a great asset for the school and they make the school a wonderful place for the kids to learn."

Vaij, Lower School Parent


"What is learned here at Quarry Lane School is written on the hearts and minds of our three children who experienced it; a unique environment that closely mirrors our family values. Integrity, strong morals, guidance, nurturing, love for others and life itself. The partnership and team work of the school faculty, administration and staff with the Quarry Lane School families is an important component of the school's philosophy that we value as parents. Quarry Lane School has become a part of our extended family. Through the school's leadership program and community work, our children learned to serve the poor, powerless and those in need, inside our larger community. Through their challenging learning environment, our children got a solid academic background, developed their personal skills and interests, they discovered their limitations and attempted to overcome them through perseverance and hard work. There is no doubt in our mind that Quarry Lane School helped them to build the confidence they need to participate and succeed in our globally growing world! The Quarry Lane School embraces diversity, celebrates differences and family heritage with their annual International Potluck. Quarry Lane School gave the opportunity to all our three children to demonstrate their talents through many extra curricula activities, Science and Essay Competitions, Junior Achievement program, foreign languages, talent shows, dances and athletics just to list some. As a family, we are very proud to be part of the Quarry Lane school community where we found and built life lasting friendships! We believe that a Quarry Lane school graduate is a very well educated, moral, and compassionate young man and woman!"

The Arnaout Family, Middle School Parent


"My husband and I are both full time working parents, raising our first child. It was important to both of us to find a preschool that was close to home and close to my work. After touring multiple daycares (school setting, home setting, even private nannies), we felt that Quarry Lane had the most to offer. We love the curriculum and how it is learned through play, song, arts, and reading time. Every week is different and fun! The teacher/parent communication is fantastic. We always know what is being taught and how our child is doing, so we can bring that knowledge home and continue the fun! Our son started in the infant class and is now in the toddler class. The school focuses on the transition period so much that I don't think our son really noticed a difference. They really took the time to make sure our son was not rushed and his needs were met comfortably. It made our husband and I feel even more confident that we chose the right school. The teacher/child ratio is excellent and the extra aids make it even more helpful to all. It really is like family! Since Quarry Lane goes up to high school, it's exciting to know that our son will grow up with his friends and hopefully have lifelong friendships. Thank you Quarry Lane!"

Preschool Parent


"My children have been at Quarry Lane for the last 5 years from infant through Kindergarten. This year we decided to try another school for our 7 year old daughter and after 4 months we realized the value that Quarry Lane brings to our children. The teachers and staff are fantastic! They are responsive to our needs as parents and understand that each child is an individual. They are willing to challenge the children without pushing and when needed encourage the child to catch up to the current standards. They have a curriculum that is stimulating for children with extras like music, art, PE, and computers. I am happy and relieved to be back at Quarry Lane and am thankful for the support and guidance that they offer."

Stacie Rohovit - Lower School Parent


"I started with my son in Quarry Lane School (QLS) from Kindergarten 11 years ago. I was so thrilled with the level of attention and education during his first year, that I convinced his cousin's parents who had spent one unhappy year in first grade in another school to switch to QLS. His cousin came and started first grade over again at QLS. Eight years later, my son and his cousin happily graduated from middle school at QLS with very high SAT scores. Meanwhile, his older sister switched from her elementary school to QLS and attended QLS through high school; his younger brother started from first grade and is still attending QLS. My daughter is in QLS as well and she started the first grade. Since then, other friends of mine routinely start their kids’ education at QLS. I realize that they do their own evaluation of the school, but I like to think that I influenced them when they asked my opinion.

In the past 11 years since my son came to QLS (currently in the 10th grade), we have always been positively surprised at the attention he receives from faculty including Dr. Arac, the headmaster/owner of QLS. I am also very happy at the level of discipline at QLS, especially the anti-drug programs and respect for others regardless of religion, race and nationality.

I was always happy with the QLS pre-school, elementary and middle school programs, but I had reservations about QLS high school program that was added about 5-6 years ago. I have been monitoring my son's progress in comparison to other kids at other bigger private/public high schools in the area. Yet again, the program has exceeded my expectations and I could not be happier at his progress and the level of attention he is receiving. He has many opportunities to shine and he is taking full advantage of them."

Hassan Ladjevardi, Quarry Lane Parent for 11 years


"Quarry Lane provides a positive, structured, yet very caring environment for our young twin boys to learn and grow. The teachers and administrators work as a cohesive team to meet the individual needs of each child, whether it is extra attention on a day when one of our boys is home sick, or providing a much needed diversion when one of our boys is having a nuclear melt-down over a stolen toy. I am continually impressed by the balance Quarry Lane maintains between providing a structured curriculum, including lesson plans for pre-preschoolers, and allowing plenty of inside and outdoor play and explore time. As very active parents, we appreciate that our boys are encouraged to be active at school rather than spending large portions of their day watching television or other sedentary activities."

Jeff, Preschool Parent


"My second grade daughter loves the supportive environment at Quarry Lane. She has attended the school since kindergarten and looks forward to going to school at Quarry Lane all the way through High School! She enjoys all the special classes, her favorite is art because she loves "to learn about artists and do the same art as them.” The small class size and personal attention she receives from the teachers has helped her develop a strong drive to succeed, self confidence and the ability to apply her learning outside of the classroom. She often greets me after school bursting with something fascinating she has learned that day, as a parent I couldn't wish for a better school environment."

Kelly Knabe, Lower School Parent

"Education is a lifelong commitment"

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