Quarry Lane Voted Top School in the East Bay
Posted 08/08/2014 09:43AM

The readers of Bay Area Parent magazine voted the Quarry Lane School the gold medal winner in the categories of Preschool and Middle School and the bronze medal winner in the category of Math/Science Support.

The East Bay edition of Bay Area Parent magazine has a readership of over 130,000. Meaning that distribution reaches this many families in the East Bay. The school has been honored nineteen times as a Family Favorite with Bay Area Parent. We are very proud to have this recognition from our community and appreciate your support.

We strive to provide the best education possible, spanning the years from early childhood through high school. We work to provide a balance between academic rigor and creativity, focusing on the whole child at all ages. We are proud of the high quality educational programs that we developed and appreciate these awards.

Most importantly, we appreciate the families that voted for us and the recognition that our efforts truly are working towards a better educational system for all those that attend our schools. Without the votes from our families, we could not be honored with such a distinguished award. On behalf of the Quarry Lane School, we thank you.